Publishers face significant challenge of delivering relevant content to enhance the user experience, but also relevant advertising to generate effective monetization.

Our high performance and intelligent solutions maximise the revenue potential of your website by connecting top-tier advertisers with your users through non-intrusive engaging ads that give users greater control and reward the user along the way.

We pride ourselves in providing advertising solutions that can delivers more purposeful user interactions through advanced targeting, interaction and customisation.

Magnetise Media provides 3 ways to help publishers build sustainable revenue streams through cutting edge digital advertising products:
TopFox Competitions :: White-Label Platform and Lead Generation TopFox White-Label Competition Platform External Link
Our unique platform enables you to leverage top UK web properties audiences on a Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) basis.
Magnetise In-Banner :: Lead Generation from Display Advertising Magnetise In-Banner Lead Generation External Link
It offers you premium lead collection from display inventory on a Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) basis.
Magnetise Video Lead :: Video Overlay - In-Video Ad Network Magnetise In-Video PPA Network External Link
Specially designed for video, our in-stream ad solution allows you to engage viewers in a whole new way with less intrusive and more interactive multi-action ad unit.
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